To Praise, To Bless, To Preach

The brethren of the Order, "commissioned entirely for spreading abroad the word of God", fulfil their vocation primarily by preaching.

The sisters of our Congregation are called to participate in the Order's task of evangelisation for their listen to the word, celebrate it and keep it in their hearts (Cf Lk 2:18), and in this way proclaim the Gospel of God by the example of their lives and the various ministries to which they are assigned.

Constitutions of the Dominican Sisters of St Joseph


To contemplate and share the fruits of contemplation

The congregation of the Dominican Sisters of St Joseph contributes to the mission of the Order of Preachers by preaching and teaching the Catholic Faith, in communion with and under the supervision of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church.

The sisters' apostolate of explicit proclamation of the Gospel flows from a common life of prayer, study and monastic observances, centred on the liturgical celebration of the mystery of Christ.

This preaching and teaching apostolate is wide-ranging, aimed at people of every age, at every level of faith development, in every circumstance, using every possible means, for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.



In the heart of the Church and at the service and under the authority of our local Bishop, our apostolate, carried out in community, is to proclaim the truth of the Catholic Faith to all peoples.


  • Retreats for groups, either in the priory or away, leading adults, young people and children to discover Christ and deepen their knowledge and love for God and his Church through teaching and prayer.

  • Retreats for individuals who come to spend time in our priory.

  • Catechetical work for adults and children

  • Training of catechists

  • Theological, philsophical and catechetical formation of lay adults in our collaboration with Maryvale Institute, Birmingham, UK.



In addition to the above, our bishop Philip Egan has asked us to be are part of the Formation for Mission team, which is responsible for Catechetical formation, preparation to the Sacraments, Children's liturgy, Adult formation, RCIA, Higher Education Programmes, Courses and Events.

The Formation for Mission team is a branch of the department for Evangelisation in Portsmouth Diocese.


“In order that we may be perfected
in the love of God and neighbour
through this following of Christ,
we are incorporated into our Order by profession and consecrated totally to God,
and in particular we are dedicated in a new way to the universal Church,
“being appointed entirely for the complete evangelization of the Word of God.”

Fundamental Constitutions of the Order of Preachers, III


On-Going Scriptural Faith Formation for Children

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