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Children, Praise your God! - Catechesis for 5-6 year old children

Children, Praise your God! - Catechesis for 5-6 year old children

Catechist’s eBook for the catechesis of 5-6 year old children.


The Catechist’s e-book Children, Praise your God! belongs to the Come follow me series, to awaken the faith of children aged 5 and 6. This catechist’s books contains 26 sessions to be led in the home, the parish or the Catholic school.


Content of the Book:

From September to Advent
Session 1 : God, tell me who your are
Session 2 : God is at the origin of all things
Session 3 : God gives you life
Session 4 : God is love
Session 5 : God is spirit
Session 6 : God is life
Childhood: from Advent through Christmas time
Session 7 : God is going to come to us
Session 8 : We wait for the coming of Jesus
Session 9 : Christmas, Jesus is born!
Session 10 : Joy for all people
Session 11 : The Magi’s gifts
Session 12-13 : Life in Nazareth
Public Life: from Christmas time to Holy Week
Session 14 : The Mission of Jesus
Session 15 : Jesus calls his apostles
Session 16 : Jesus welcomes children
Session 17 : Jesus performs miracles
Session 18 : The prayer of Jesus
Passion and Resurrection: from Holy Week to Ascension
Session 19 : The crowds acclaim Jesus
Session 20 : The Passion of Jesus
Session 21 : Jesus is alive!
Session 22 : Jesus shows himself to his disciples
From Ascension to the end of the school year
Session 23 : Jesus ascends to his Father
Session 24 : Jesus sends his Spirit
Session 25 : We welcome the Holy Spirit
Session 26 : Mary, our Mother


  • Copyrigth

    Viens, suis-moi © Editions du Jubilé, France Translation and publication in English Come follow me © Dominican sisters of St Joseph UK Registered Charity No. 1050485

    Purchasing this e-book entitles you to print it for your own use, the use of your parish or the use of your school but does not entitle you to distribute it to anyone in any format (download or print).

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