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Use this secure payment portal to pay the annual fee for your enrolment on the Light of Truth Certificate in Catechesis offered by the Dominican Sisters of St Joseph. 

Choose your pricing plan

  • Annual Fee

    Certificate in Catechesis / full annual payment
    Valid for 12 months
  • Quarterly Fee

    Every 3 months
    Certificate in Catechesis / payment by instalments.
    Valid for 12 months

By choosing the Quarterly Fee, your payment is set to auto-renew 3 times after your first payment, for a fixed amount of £125, every 3 months for the duration of 12 months. You can terminate the subscription at any time by logging on your subscription page or by writing to us ( Should you decide to stop your subscription before its completion, we will deactivate your student account on our Learning Management System within 30 days. When choosing the Quarterly Fee you will have to create/log in to a paypal account to record and manage your subscription. When choosing the Annual Fee you can pay directly by card without creating an account.

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